Lead Web Developer

DRY programmer with 4 years of professional web development experience building bespoke websites and RESTful APIs using PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Advocate for native or “vanilla” JavaScript, equally comfortable in the front-end or the back-end, and has a wide range of experience with different languages and frameworks. Familiar with working on several projects simultaneously and switching between different technology stacks on a regular basis.

Respected leader and experienced communicator who is able to plan for both long and short-term deadlines while continuously managing internal and external expectations and accommodating unexpected events.

Personal projects include creating a JavaScript library for music theory, collaborating on a Bluetooth-synchronized metronome mobile app, and developing a reading list plugin for WordPress.


Lead Web Developer

2013–Current — Ellefson Technology. Toronto, Canada

Helped to design and architect projects of all sizes ranging from one-page websites using a content management system (CMS) to bespoke Software as a Service (SaaS) systems backed by proprietary code to high-traffic, luxury e-commerce sites. Responsible for organizing and managing teams of clients, designers, and other developers in order to create tailored, responsive websites from verbal descriptions and visual mocks.

Technologies Used

Ajax, AngularJS, Bash, Bootstrap, Bower, Contentful, CSS3, C#, Express.js, Foundation, Google (GA/GTM), Grunt, Gulp.js, Handlebars, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, Less, Magento, MongoDB, MySQL, MvvmCross, Node.js, NoSQL, NPM, Photoshop, PHP, Sass (SCSS), SEO, Sketch, Slim Framework, SMTP, SOAP, Twig, WordPress, Xamarin, XML

Key Achievements

  • Created a custom framework for faster, more standardized in-house web development incorporating a NodeJs back-end, Handlebars and Sass front-end, and Grunt workflow
  • Implemented company-wide coding style guides for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and PHP
  • Identified SQL queries crashing high-traffic sites in both WordPress and Magento
  • Stepped in after coworker suffered injury and in two weeks delivered an iOS app (proof of concept) built in Xamarin and MvvmCross with language localization
  • Repeatedly brought new contracts to the company via word of mouth from satisfied clients

Project Manager & Web Developer

2012–2013 — University of Toronto. Toronto, Canada

Developed websites and digital tools to support faculty research and further digital scholarship at the university. Organized purchases of professional-grade computing equipment from a grant of over $30,000 to create a digital scholarship laboratory on campus.

Technologies Used

Ajax CSS, Drupal, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Joomla, MySQL, Omeka, PHP, WordPress

Key Achievements

  • Created course websites for faculty to add more digital components to their teaching
  • Collaborated with campus library to provide digital scholarship training and workshops
  • Prepared report on status of campus digital scholarship for Dean from 50+ faculty interviews

Database Engineer

2012 — Purdue University. West Lafayette, USA

Organized and standardized data from ∼100 separate sources into a relational MySQL database able to be consumed within a larger data ecosystem.

Technologies Used

Microsoft Access, MySQL, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Key Achievements

  • Wrote VBA scripts to synthesize 300,000+ data pieces and reduce errata
  • Designed database relationships and contributed to the larger project architecture based on findings within this data subset


Higher Diploma in Science, Computing

2017 — Institute of Technology-Blanchardstown. Dublin, Ireland

MA, Renaissance Literature 1500-1700

2013 — University of York. York, England
  • Recipient of the Departmental Postgraduate Award
  • Awarded a Graduate Research Fund stipend
  • Presented individual scholarship at two competitive conferences
  • Volunteer web developer and webmaster for the Humanities Research Centre’s blog

BS, English Language & Literature

2011 — University of Wisconsin-Madison. Madison, USA
  • President of local chapter of Student Wisconsin Education Association, 250+ members
  • Took graduate-level courses and created unique independent study programme in final year
  • Made the Dean’s List for academic achievement during second year
  • Contributed to faculty research and created text processing software in Java for support

Other Skills

Server Admin

  • Used to full-stack development, LAMP and MEAN, with web servers like Apache and Nginx
  • Able to deploy on cloud servers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and DigitalOcean
  • Knowledge of Unix command line on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Ubuntu servers
  • Exposure to automated systems like Chef, Docker, and Jenkins


  • Familiarity with Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban
  • Well-versed in using version control systems (VCS) like Git and Subversion
  • Made unit tests in Karma and Mocha and end to end (E2E) tests in Selenium and PhantomJS
  • Worked with APIs like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using authentication like OAuth2



2015 — CSS, Grunt, HTML, JavaScript

  • Music theory library built in native JavaScript using a custom, modular namespacing pattern

WP Reading List

2013 — CSS, HTML, PHP, WordPress

  • WordPress plugin which creates a custom post type for displaying reading materials. Offers an admin panel as well as two front-end templates


  • Music & Musical Instruments, Electronics, Mechanics, Traveling, Shakespeare, Rowing, Swimming, Soccer, Woodworking, Dogs